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Contacting Offline Sharks Support?
Please read the instructions below…

Thank you so much for being a member of our Offline Sharks community. We sincerely appreciate our fans/friends/subscribers, and our #1 goal is for you to have success with our products. With that in mind, we have developed a phenomenal support team that is thrilled to have the opportunity to help you overcome any obstacles in your path.

To get the answer to your question as quickly as possible, please make sure you have followed these steps before submitting a support request:

1. Make sure you’ve gone through all the training and are following the steps exactly.
We understand how exciting it is to crack open a new Offline Sharks training, and all the mind-blowing questions that usually follow. However, before submitting your question, please make sure you have consumed ALL of the training content included with your purchase.

2. Make sure you’ve searched our Sharks Knowledge Base.
We are working to include the most commonly asked questions and problems in our searchable knowledge base. This will continue to grow over time, so be sure to do a quick search.

Still Need To Contact Our Support Team?

Due to the incredibly fast growth of our community, it's become impossible to handle all support requests with email alone. So we've set up this nifty tool to help our team organize our support efforts.

Please note that we won't be able to reply immediately. If your inquiry requires a reply, it usually will take us 24-48 business hours (sooner in most cases).

Thank you & Mahalo for your patience!

Please Note: If you need to show the tech support team what's happening on your computer, a screen recording video often works better than a static screenshot. We recommend Loom, which is a free Chrome extension that will allow you to show us exactly what's going on so our team can accurately diagnose your problem. We even use Loom internally at Offline Sharks to shoot videos for our team.

Note from Offline Sharks

Thank you for being a subscriber/friend/fan whatever you want to call it. Bottom line is, we appreciate YOU! 🙂

As our brand has been growing, it’s been getting harder and harder for us to keep up with emails.

...Despite having a team to help and spending hours ourselves everyday answering emails, it’s become impossible for us to reply back to everyone.

Which means… Tons of emails going unanswered. 🙁

We routinely check our Facebook comments and recommend posting there. Even though we don’t always reply, we tend to use those comments to make videos and answer questions.

Thank you for understanding and being a part of our tribe, you mean the world to us!

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