Five Ways to Build Your Client’s Reputation from Scratch (and make 2023 your best year ever!)

Welcome to 2023! It’s time to bid our goodbyes to another year, reflect on lessons learned, and charge forward with new energy! We believe 2023 will be an INCREDIBLE year for you and your clientele… if you know how to make it happen. So, as you write out your resolutions and craft your strategies for Q1 and beyond, we want to address something that many entrepreneurs miss in their battle plan.

Your client may be about to charge into the new year hard and fast, but tell them to hold their horses! While we love entrepreneurs with a “Get it done!” attitude, effective action requires effective planning. One of the most fundamental (yet often missed) pieces is building your client’s reputation FIRST. The new year is the BEST time to plan your reputation build, especially if your client’s never done it before.

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Success Follows Planning

But why is it important to plan out a reputation build this early? Because building a proper reputation ahead of time makes your brand more adaptable and consistent. Implementing different strategies throughout the year is fine, don’t try to steer a car while it’s already careening at full speed. Instead, point where you want to go while things are slow. The best brands designate the beginning of the year as a crucial time to strategize BEFORE they launch anything! Without it, your clients will find themselves unsure of their messaging, tempted by trends, and buried under the mound of competitors. That’s why the more your clients plan before executing, the more consistent their messaging, solid their conviction, and exceptional their brand will be throughout the year. Remember, entrepreneurship is a long game.

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Five Ways to an Unforgettable Reputation

If you want to create an unforgettable reputation for your clients, check out these five strategies based on emerging market trends and tried and true principles. 

1. Be Unafraid to Tell Your Story

Consumers LOVE brands that don’t hide their values and backstory. No one wants to buy from a “soulless corporation,” and it’s easier for brands to show their humanity than ever. So, we encourage your clients to be transparent about their story and values. We buy from people we trust, and being transparent builds that trust. If a prospect trusts you with their time, they’ll trust you with their money, as well.

2. Less Robotic, More Human

People (especially Generation Z) crave personalized experiences with a palpable human touch. This doesn’t mean you throw out AI, but it DOES mean that how you use it matters. Every email campaign, FB ad, and blog post needs to be personalized to each consumer. Meticulously study your prospects and customers. Why? Because consumers prefer brands that feel lovingly crafted, not artificially manufactured. If they feel like you “get” them, you’re ahead of the competition.

3. Speak Your Mind Courageously

With more competitors than ever, how does your client emerge from the pack? Paint your client as a voice of authority by saying what others are afraid to say. Don’t be a needle in a haystack. Instead, encourage your client to tackle their industry’s issues head-on and offer unique solutions. Beyond that, your client can invite fellow industry leaders (via podcasts, guest spots, etc.) to keep content fresh, explore new ideas, and elevate themselves as leaders in their field.

4. Nail Customer Support + Don’t Look Back = Win

When you read the words, “customer service,” I bet you immediately recalled some poor experiences—inconsistent follow-up, unprofessional agents, and an overwhelming desire to avoid it at all costs. We feel this too, so we asked ourselves: Does customer service have to be awful? The answer: Of course not! So for 2023, we want your brands to be one of the few that NAILS customer service. You’d be surprised at how quickly people choose you when you solve their problems. That’s because rock star people and consistent follow-up are key for making customers feel understood and ready to buy again.

5. Quality and Efficiency are #1

Consumers want frictionless and efficient experiences more than ever, but NEVER at the expense of quality. Think about it: If a brand you like messes up ONCE, how tempted are you to switch? That’s why your clients need to push for high quality standards and hustle to make them happen every time. If your clients work hard to get this right (using a combo of humans and tech), you’ll reap the rewards of 2023.

We’re ready to make 2023 our best year yet. No matter the surprises, the secret to success is delivering professional, unique, and efficient experiences every time!

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Picture of Tom Gaddis

Tom Gaddis

Attended the School of Hard Knocks. A former restaurant manager in Oklahoma, Tom always wanted to be self-employed and free from the butt-smooching of the corporate world. He wanted success bad enough that he picked up his family, including two small children and moved to beautiful Maui, Hawaii. Starting from zero, Tom embarked on building a local marketing consulting business. And promptly fell on his face! It seems Hawaiians were lovely people, until you tried to sell them something! But he persevered and learned from his mistakes. Today he's arguably one of the most successful in his niche and expecting to grow over 100% this year alone.

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