0 Level 11 - Great White Shark

Level 11 - Great White Shark

Please review & complete all training area level requirements by clicking the button below.

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To complete this level you must finish the following prerequisites and submit the following information in the submission box below for an admin to verify:

  • Complete all of the steps in this training level (click here for a review)
  • Create a wrap up video on how things have been for yo to build your recurring revenue. Your outlook on business must be pretty different from when you were a Baby Shark!
  • Must have generated $8000 in revenue for 6 consecutive months or at least $48,000 in revenue
  • When you are ready to advance, In the level submission box below be sure to include your revenue for the last 6 months which meet your level requirement,

When we receive your submission, an admin will review and award your next level once your course completion is verified.

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