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  • We usually send people to the Google review page of our business, so for example

  • Hey Kristen are you referring to the importing function? Thats not right.. please submit a ticket to with your login info so we can look into this for you

  • Id do all types of restaurants, niching down like that would be too specific in my opinion

  • hi Greg, this is referring to the amount of listings that will show on your home page. If you change the # to 5 it will only show 5 although you may have more listings submitted to your site.

  • Thanks Greg will look into adding this!

  • Above the footer there is a black review section, this lesson is about editing it.

  • Thanks for the feedback Geoff and welcome!

    Coming up with a name, I wouldnt overcomplicated it, you can always change it later.

    Our appointment setter strategy (in your training area) is a great way to overcome gatekeepers!

  • Great question Semir, here is a short list:

    Gloucester Road Business Listings

    Promote Your Business with our A4-sized postcard




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  • How important would you say are customer reviews for a business?

    Personally, I have a TON of clients that I've never asked to leave me a review and I'm almost positive that you do too. But that's not OK and we […]

    • Customer reviews help business owners improve their service or product as well as provide credibility to attract new customers.

      • Absolutely Greg , my customers are always happy to hear that I can help to build reviews for them !

  • Hey Ron hit the icon with the 3 dots in the top right corner and click download.

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