How to Make the Most out of Being a "Newbie" Entrepreneur

Learning to welcome being a "newbie" can be difficult. If you are just starting out with your marketing business, there's a good chance that probably no one knows who you are.

But that's OK!

Being unknown is a great position to be in. It may seem strange, but my advice to new entrepreneurs is "be happy you're in the shadows!"

Starting a business from scratch isn't easy, but being a newbie pays off. You have the time to learn to be productive and a real opportunity to test the waters at your own pace.

Advantages of being a newbie entrepreneur

Do you think I've built a successful marketing business overnight? Every successful entrepreneur used to be a newbie at some point.

Even if you can't wait to grow your venture into a success, there are still some advantages that come with being "no one" in your industry.

Here's what I've learned to embrace in the beginning and you should too:

1. Use this time to make mistakes without the whole world hearing about them

No one knows you (yet) so it's no big deal if you screw something up. Really, it's OK to make mistakes. Hell, how else will you learn unless you mess up and learn from your experience?

Messing up because you're a newbie is not an excuse, but it happens. However, can you imagine making a mistake after you've already established yourself as an expert in your niche?

2. Keep tweaking and work out the kinks

Obscurity helps protect your ego and your confidence. Think about it, if millions of people are using your product or buying your service, every little change you make will have a huge impact. However, as a newbie, you can tweak your offer until it's "perfect" and the changes won't affect that many clients.

Believe me, its much easier to reason with a hundred people, but you need some serious riot gear to deal with ten thousand angry customers!

3. Test random ideas and try new things

Broadway shows are a great example of testing ideas on a small stage first. As you know, they always do a trial run in a smaller city before going to New York.

Testing the waters and trying new things is much easier when you're a newbie! Before, you might have pissed off only a hundred people when you changed something. Now, you might upset thousands! It makes sense to test new ideas when you're just starting out, instead of doing so when you already have a pool of important clients.

Every single business was built from the ground up

Being a newbie entrepreneur can be frustrating, but it can also be a good thing when you're building a new marketing business. You have the chance to build something real from the ground up, but as you know, becoming successful takes time.

Running a profitable business isn't easy, but you know what? Big sharks used to be little sharks too.

Take advantage of being a newbie entrepreneur and remember, if you keep at it, I guarantee you'll transform what used to be a hobby into a successful marketing business in no time!