Local Client Shark


The C.S.I Method of Prospecting
See, we had it all WRONG.
Prospecting isn’t about selling at all.
It's about being a detective. Here's how it works.
Step 1
Identify your perfect prospect
Step 2
Seek out your perfect prospect
Step 3
Communicate and Pitch your perfect prospect
This completely reverses the prospecting process and puts you in control!
You will approach potential clients as SUSPECT until proven PROSPECTS
Imagine approaching potential clients and not being worried about what you have to say to sell them!
After watching Local Client Shark you'll know exactly how to turn your prospect in to a PAYING client with ease.
The C.S.I Method has been battle tested for 5 YEARS in the real local business world. It changed our businesses and it will do the same for you.
Are You New to Offline?
Our C.S.I. Prospecting Method is designed so ANYONE can do it. Once you know the system you'll be a different person!

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