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Get the “Best of the Best” Latest from the Offline Sharks delivered directly to your inbox each month so you can stay informed as quickly and efficiently as possible.


So many “gurus” out there teach things they've never done. Things that, frankly, would never work in the real world.

If you've followed us for any time, you know we strive to do the exact opposite.

Watch over-the-shoulder videos as we show you exactly what we're doing in our own businesses day in and day out.


Each month, we pump out a ton of great info to our Sharks. The content runs the gamut, from videos, blog posts, Facebook posts, emails, new products, and more.

We know you're busy, and we know it takes time to wade through everything!

That's why we're including the “Best of the Best” Latest in Shark Bites. In just a few minutes you can survey all the hot happenings of the last few weeks.


With something like 6,500 Sharks in our Facebook group, and many more subscribed to our emails, we receive a TON of questions about the ins and outs of building your businesses.

Each month in Shark Bites, we'll present questions from real Sharks (maybe even from you!) and then give you our honest answers, based on what we're doing in our own businesses.

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From The Desk Of Tom Gaddis & Nick Ponte
Kihei, Hawaii

You know it's our goal to bring you the absolute best information to help you build your own digital marketing businesses.

We strongly stand behind our commitment to you to be a reliable source of real-world, actionable information.

The idea behind Shark Bites is simple:

We're both extremely busy. But we still want to keep our “finger on the pulse” of what's going on in our markets.

Therefore, we “follow” lots of people who are doing interesting things and giving out good information.

But, frankly, it can all get super overwhelming. Remember, we're already busy!

So what would be extremely valuable to us, is if somebody could bundle everything up and present it in one short document, in an easy-to-digest format.

We wouldn't want everything included, just “The Best of the Best.” Just the cherries, none of the pits.

Well, I'm not exactly a master of suspense, but guess what we've put together for you Sharks?

Exactly that.

Shark Bites is our new official newsletter, that will keep you up-to-date with everything happening in our community.

You'll get…

  • special articles on the latest news in digital marketing
  • ​behind-the-scenes looks at what we're doing in our own businesses
  • ​the latest and hottest products on the market and what we think of them
  • ​questions and answers from Sharks (maybe even yourself!)
  • ​and more!

Click “More Info” to get your free sample issue to give you a taste of what to expect in Shark Bites. If you'd like to continue to receive Shark Bites in your inbox each month, we've put together a very special offer for you.

We know you'll love your subscription to Shark Bites… Can't wait to see you inside!

Tom & Nick

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