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Issue #125 | January 30th, 2022

Aloha Shark,

Nick posted the picture above on Facebook. With a little rant on “lifestyle design”. You see, when you're first starting your biz it feels like it's all about making money and working hard.

But you get to a certain point. And you realize that you sacrificed a lot of the things along the way. The same things that were the reasons you started a business.

Like spending time with friends and family. That's why, once you've hit a level of success, it's ok to take your foot off the gas… just a bit. Still keep building your business. Investing time and money into growing it more and more.

But also remember, the whole point of a business is to feed your lifestyle. Your lifestyle isn't to feed your business. Just something to think about.

And to help you build both your business and your lifestyle, here's another edition of Shark Bites


[Note: Catch of the Week is where we share some of the greatest weekly wins from Sharks that write in. If you'd like to be “nominated” for Catch of the Week, be sure to post in the Offline Sharks Private Facebook Group using #win. And you may be featured too. Now on to the good stuff…]

This week a smorgasbord of wins… First up we have Remote Millionaire Partner, Daniel Lesser, who landed his first SEO client with the help of Lucy “Megalodon” Brenton. Great job Daniel and many more to come!

Next we have Cody Weaver who also had an SEO win—this one doubling an existing client to $1,600+ per month! Then there's Darren Fedorak who swooped up 2 website builds for a cool $2,500 between the two.

And last, but certainly not least, we have our own Nautical Nick, Sailor of the Offline Seas adding another $1,750 a month in recurring bottomline revenue. And that's why recurring revenue is so great. You just add more and more. And watch your monthly number go higher and higher… 

Great job everyone! Now you reader, go to the Offline Sharks Private Facebook Group and use #win so you can be featured too!

Catch of the week Nov 19 4
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Catch 2

Welcome to “Pirate's Booty”—a curated stash of local marketing news and content for your reading pleasure. 

Up first an “unconfirmed” Google search ranking update that (maybe) happened last week. Add this to the many other unconfirmed updates that have been happening this month. The below article shares a bit more about this including a lot of “industry chatter”. Read it here:

January 22nd Unconfirmed Google Search Ranking Update

For the next piece of “booty”, a question: Is it ok for you as an SEO specialist to say “I don't know?” The short answer… yes! The longer answer? Can be found right here:

Are SEOs Unwilling To Say “I Don't Know”?

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How To Make Consistent Progress
In Your Business

Want to know the best FREE local marketing mastermind on the planet? A place you can find free resources… helpful tips… and possibly even your next business partner?

If so, then step right up. Because Nick's video this week shares just such a place.

Tune in now here:

>>> Click here to watch now…

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The 100 Episode Extravaganza!

Well… I made it. To Episode 100 of “What's The Secret?” podcast. 

Which brings up the question: What the heck have I learned through recording these 100 episodes? That's just what this week's Episode 100 is all about.

On it, you'll hear how I stuck to the process each week. A huge misconception people have about success. And a whole lot more… 

>>> Click here to listen in now…

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Lessons From The
$145+ Billion SaaS Industry

On this weeks Aloha Friday Local Marketing Jam Session… we chatted about the business model used by the $145+ Billion SaaS industry.

What business model is this? It's one based around monthly recurring revenue. In fact, on this Live Show, we show you how to “rig” your agency so that you bring in tons of revenue from small (but highly valuable) services.

So that you charge a little. Your clients get a lot. And they want to stay paying you for months and even years to come.

To catch the replay, check it out here:

Thanks for playing Shark! That does it for this round of Shark Bites.

We'll be back in your inbox with more goodies tomorrow. In the meantime, if you enjoyed this, consider sharing it with a friend.

And I will see you soon!

Tom Gaddis

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Tom Gaddis

Attended the School of Hard Knocks. A former restaurant manager in Oklahoma, Tom always wanted to be self-employed and free from the butt-smooching of the corporate world. He wanted success bad enough that he picked up his family, including two small children and moved to beautiful Maui, Hawaii. Starting from zero, Tom embarked on building a local marketing consulting business. And promptly fell on his face! It seems Hawaiians were lovely people, until you tried to sell them something! But he persevered and learned from his mistakes. Today he's arguably one of the most successful in his niche and expecting to grow over 100% this year alone.

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