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PLUS... NEW "SociSpy" SOFTWARE Is Yours Today!
"It's As If You're in The Business Prospects Head!"

We're excited to announce we're including the custom software WE use to identify the best prospects in the training.

It's called 'SociSpy' for good reason...It literally 'spys' on websites and social media to determine the perfect prospects!

This new lead generating software makes identifying the prospects in most need of this hot service—and closing deals—an absolute breeze. The time and money saved by using this software is unbelievable!

A top-notch developer friend of ours built this custom software to easily identify the perfect leads for our new service. They've given us permission to include the software with our training. We've never included software this powerful before!

We Have Just Cut Weeks Off The Time It Takes
To Put These $300 Deals Together!

One beta tester emailed us and said, "It's like shooting fish in a barrel, honestly."

This new software scans various social media platforms and brings back good leads.

Leads with information on how often they post and other key data.

From this info, the software identifies which leads will best for the freelancer to contact.

That's right, the software identifies the best possible prospects based on the data it scans, the brings you back their contact information.

This way you don't have to guess who's the best to reach out to. Here's a sneak peek...

Inside, Watch The Power Of The
Case Study LIVE!

And Yes, like a hot knife through butter...IT WORKED!
You'll get this powerful Video Case Study in the Members Area.

NOT A Super Salesperson?
With ORS You Don't Need To Be...

A confession: Neither of us are considered 'hot shot' sales guys.

...and we both admit dreading using a tricky closing technique on a prospect.

All the tricky phrases, sneaky questions and pressure are just not necessary (nor welcome) with the Online Revenue System.

Prospects either recognize a great deal...or they don't.

The pricing and value speak for themselves and will typically bring you your highest closing rate yet...and you'll feel good about yourself!

PLUS, Take A Look At The Discoveries You'll Tap
Into When You Join Our Elite Group:

Module 1

  • Setting Your Foundation
  • Jumpstart Your Income Overnight!
  • The Services That Ring The Bell
  • Getting Your Ducks in a Row
  • Avoid Stepping In It (Common Pitfalls)

Module 2

  • Service Overview
  • Service Overview at 40,000 feet
  • How We Get Our FITD (This is key)
  • The Transition to Paying Clients

Module 3

  • Outreach & Sales
  • The Proven Outreach Formula
  • Current Working Templates
  • 'Insider' Case Studies
  • Secrets of Onboarding & Intake

Module 4

  • Prospecting/Software
  • Introducing The Power Software
  • Identifying Ideal Clients
  • Grabbing Low hanging fruit FIRST

Module 5

  • Fulfillment
  • Easy Scheduling w/Free Posting
  • The Best Social Platforms
  • DFY Content Packages
  • Content & Fulfillment Hacking
  • Outsourcing Made Simple
  • Moving Forward - Hitting The BIG numbers

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