Top 5 Free Tools for Outbound Prospecting 

outbound prospecting

Outbound prospecting is a direct marketing channel to identify your potential target customers and reach out to them directly. Once you contact potential customers, you introduce the company and offer them the products and services you aim to sell. 

For any growing business, increasing sales numbers falls near the top of the priority list. To achieve this, they use of various tools and services. You can do so by defining your target audience and directly selling them your products and services through different outbound channels. 

Outbound teams try various prospecting tools. These tools and software help you qualify potential customers most likely to buy your products and services. In addition, by choosing the right tools for prospecting, you can make sure that you are applying your persuasive powers in the right direction. 

So without any further delay, let’s dive into the top five free tools for outbound prospecting you can use to increase your sales. 

  • SalesTable

You always want to stay on top of your sales pipeline, track your leads, and ensure that your prospective customer is persuaded to make a purchase, but how can one do that? Get a very well-structured spreadsheet to boost your sales productivity. 

From professionals in entry positions to high-level executives of companies, everyone uses spreadsheets. SalesTable is an free spreadsheet template tool that makes it easy to manage the sales contacts and visualize the sales pipeline. It also helps to understand the opportunities you have at various stages of the sales funnel. 

There are no paid plans included in SalesTable. Instead, it is an entirely free tool and has customization options that cater to your specific requirements. 

Looking to score high-ticket clients? Read more here on how to set up a 3-step prospecting and sales strategy. 

  • LeadMine

The next tool on our list is LeadMine. It is structured in a way that helps us find our potential customers by scouting for their email addresses with a 95% accuracy rate.

They have over 200 million contacts in their database, which allows them to help you find the relevant email addresses for your business. You can apply various filters regarding location, industry, and title, to orchestrate your prospecting efforts. They have a free plan that provides ten credits per month.

You can also apply and get their paid program that starts at $49/month and provides you with 500 credits per month if you need more usage. 

If you need help with marketing material for outbound prospecting, check out this Email Prospecting Marketing Pack that may help you with your sales process. 

  • FindThatLead

FindThatLead primarily acts an outbound prospecting tool for B2B companies. It is generally used not by individuals but by large companies, startups, and digital agencies for lead generation and sales. It is easy and convenient to use FindThatLead to build and curate potential client lists.

FindThatLead works well for sales professionals who belong to companies with many employees. Companies like these constantly look to scale their sales processes. In addition, this tool’s database is incredibly unique since they claim to pull the data from various reliable sources, unlike many other lead generation tools.  

FindThatLead a multitude of features, including: 

  • Easy Chrome extension: The chrome extension can easily be installed, and it allows you to extract all the emails from various domains while browsing. 
  • Prospector: It helps you build highly targeted lists in just a few clicks by choosing the variables that match your buyer’s persona. 
  • Email verifier: This feature because checks if the email you have is correct and active. 

The basic plan FindThatLead offers is free and has 50 credits per month which you can use on various features. However, if you want additional features than those available in the free plan, you have to sign up and pay for the plan that suits you best. 

  • Circleback

A crowdsourced database, Circleback, is excellent when finding potential customers’ contact information. When you join Circleback, you gain access to over 200,000 company profiles and email addresses that you can review and use with ease. 

To create a Circleback account, enter an email address linked to a business domain. You also have to share your contact information stored by Circleback as anonymous and then shared with those who need it. Remember, if you do not have an email address with a business domain account, you cannot use Circleback. 

The Circleback app acts as an excellent contact management tool to keep things organized. The organization of contacts is vital in terms of reaching out to relevant prospects that you can convert into clients. 

  • GetProspect

GetProspect is a LinkedIn lead generation tool equipped with an email finder. Additionally, it uses a Chrome plugin for your browser.  

After this, you can start searching for leads on LinkedIn and selecting the strongest onest. Next, you import all of those leads into GetProspect, which helps find the corporate emails of all the people you selected. If you have a targeted approach and have identified your potential customers, this tool may work well for you. 

They offer a basic plan that is free and allows you to find around 50 emails per month. You can also purchase the paid plan that costs $29 per month and can import 1000 emails per month. 

While sales prospecting is a difficult job full of complex tasks, using some of these tools can take some work off your shoulders. In addition, these tools increase your efficiency and connect you with a high volume of prospects in less time, allowing you to speed up the customer acquisition process.

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