Fastest Way To Make Money – Online VS Offline ?

Normally I talk about building digital service-based businesses that generate revenue by working with local clients in your area. In the industry, we call this an “offline” business. Don't ask me how or where that term came from, it was here before I got started.

And if you talk to anyone who is in the space of trying to make any sort of money using a computer (in any fashion) you'll find a common line in the sand between which avenue is faster, making money online or offline?

So in this video, I drop my thoughts on this subject. Keep in mind I do both, I have a seven figure software business and a multiple six figure local agency, so I feel that I'm pretty qualified to make this video.

Regardless, I'd like to know what you think. Let me know in the comments below, are you an online fan or offline?

Free training mentioned in the video 👉

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