Freelancer or Solopreneur? Start Here…

You’re a solopreneur, who doesn’t necessarily want the hassle of running your own agency. 

After all, building a successful agency requires administration and management on top of marketing skills. You would rather work in your business than on it most days of the week. 

You want to build a sizeable income, using the tools the modern era gives you. We can help you with that!

Our Vision For You:

We want to teach you to be a successful solopreneur. The goal is to show you how to scale your income as quickly as possible, so you can ditch the traditional 9-5 and build the life you want.

However, the freedom you want requires effort and sacrifice on the front end. We want to give you the knowledge and skills you need to navigate the complex and fast-changing digital marketplace.

We have resources to show you the ropes, from gaining the first few clients, all the way to specializing in order to open up deep new revenue streams. 

Why Offline Sharks:

The founders of Offline Sharks both got their start as solopreneurs. The only reason we operate successful agencies now is because we built them around successful solo work. We know what it’s like to be your own boss, and work hard to stay that way.

Our expertise as freelancers & consultants became the cornerstone of our agency. Even today, we delegate the management and administration so that we can focus on local marketing. And this way, we actually do the things we teach.

What We’ll Teach:

As a freelancer, you need a set of skills surrounding your services, and a set of skills surrounding your clients.

Half the battle is marketing. Learning how to help businesses with their digital marketing – SEO, PPC, content, and social media. These are the basic skills necessary to help your clients and get them hungry for more.

The other half of the battle is freelancing itself. You need to know how to gain and retain clients. You need to systematize and automate as many of your processes as possible, in order to make the best use of your time. You need to understand what opportunities to say “Yes” to, and which ones to decline.

We’ll show you how to land your first client, how to develop social proof and how to flesh out your portfolio. We’ll teach you how to structure your business, build your website, and network with agencies and other freelancers to find opportunities for new accounts.

1. Client Acquisition Methods To Launch Your Business

This FREE article shows you some hacks for gaining your first few clients. In order to call yourself a freelancer, you need to have at least one person paying for your services.  Learn how to overcome the obstacle of gaining your first client, by identifying a hungry market and acquiring testimonials for your skills. When you get that very first “Yes,” you start to realize that anything is possible!

2. The Offline Sharks Facebook Group

What happens when you put 10,000 like-minded entrepreneurs in a room … for the sole purpose of helping one another toward their goals? Well, it looks a little something like this group. This community will show you the possibilities at your fingertips, as well as give you ideas and tricks for accelerating your success. You can also start networking and sharing leads, a vital ingredient for long term freelancing success.

3. Recommended Reading

If you want to succeed as a freelancer, then it’s time to stack your reading list! Since you’re the sole agent working for your business, you’re going to need a wide range of skills. This is a list of books that have sharpened us for marketing, copywriting, closing sales, and personal development. 

4. Shark Alliance

Finally, here is our flagship training for freelancers. We believe that this is the best local marketing training in existence. Yes, LOCAL marketing. The best way to start gaining clients as a freelancer is to start with the “offline” businesses in your backyard.

We offer a FREE Starter Membership, a Plus Membership, and an Elite Membership, with each tier adding exponentially more value for you.

With the free Starter, you get:

  • A 4-module course to set the foundations for your profit-first business.
  • Our best In-The-Trenches training, providing battle-tested tactics.
  • 4 of our best behind-the-scenes coaching call videos.

When you upgrade to Plus, you also get:

  • Our Path To Six Figures training, giving you everything you need to make $100,000+ a year.
  • Laser-focused Client Getting Tools, including real-life case studies to show you how to gain and retain.
  • Tactical Coaching Calls to attend live or watch when you want.
  • Access to our Select Facebook Group, comprised of top performers.
  • A $197 Local SEO course for FREE, thrown in as your signing bonus.

Finally, when you go Elite, you get all of that and:

    • Live Coaching Calls every single week.
    • Access to our entire media library, with hundreds of hours of training on every topic.
    • Complete access to our course & software vault, including dozens of resources usually priced at $97 to $197 each.
    • Ready-made, professionally-designed templates for prospecting, proposals, contracts and more to get you up-and-running as fast as possible.
    • Exclusive Guest Trainings from outside experts.
    • And if that’s not enough, early and complimentary access to our future products.

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