From Solopreneur To Business Owner—How To Explode Your Growth By Building A Team

I started my agency from a laptop in my garage.

Which was amazing.

I started landing clients… making money… and realized I no longer had to grunt and sweat at my full-time job as an auto-mechanic greasemonkey.

But then things started to grow…

And they started to grow fast.

Pretty soon I hit the $100K a year mark (which to be honest, I never really expected)…

And I was doing everything myself.

So the truth is, I HAD to build a team.

In order to grow while still serving the clients I had, I needed help.

But the truth is, I wish I would’ve started a team long, long before that. Because you don’t need the best management skills to build a team. You don’t need a ton of starting capital.

You just need a proven process.

And in this video, I’ll walk you through that process, showing you exactly how to start building a team, no matter where you are in your business journey.

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Nick Ponte

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