How Consistent Product Launches Help Your Business Grow Fast

As you embark on your journey of entrepreneurship, you’ll probably notice a common theme among most entrepreneurs: we have some form of product to launch, whether it’s a course, seminar, or physical item. In fact, it’s often seen as a “rite of passage” to commit to launching multiple products over the long haul, and most of us trust an entrepreneur more with each successful product they’ve launched.

Why We Love to Launch

Launching your own products matters for a few key reasons. For one, launching a product builds your brand effectively. You discover a pain point in the market, you research and discover what that audience wants, then you market your product (and yourself!) as the solution. Through research and repetition, you market yourself as an authority in the space. That’s what entrepreneurship is all about!

Second, launching a product shows that you’re willing to take on risk and fail. More than likely, your first iteration will (at best) need adjustment, if not outright miss the mark. That’s okay! By committing to the process, you invest in yourself and your business long term. It shows that you have a stake in the game!

Finally, it’s important to note that very few successful entrepreneurs only launch ONE product. Why? Because finding a winner once creates an itch to do it again. THAT’S what I love about my job. Every day is another opportunity to innovate and help others!

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What Holds Us Back

If you’re thinking, “Tom, how do I know if my launches go well? I’m concerned about pushing people away if my launches aren’t perfect.” Don’t worry! I’ve been there a few times. Think about it this way: Everyone wants to be an “expert” in their field, but without launching a product and accepting failure as a part of the process, they restrict themselves from real growth. 

Perfect is the enemy of the very good. Consistently showing up is the hallmark of someone committed to themselves and their business. Your audience will see that and return the favor.

I also believe that launching your first product (let alone multiple) requires a mental shift: Most people don’t BELIEVE they have something to offer the world. They might think that only “experts” or “gurus” are capable of launching a product. I used to believe that too, but it’s not true! If you have something valuable to offer, anyone is worthy of getting their skin in the game. It just takes proven strategies to do it right.

To get you started on the right foot, here are five of our favorite reasons (learned through experience!) why consistent product launches grow your business:

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  • They Create a Predictable Source of Cash Flow

Consistent launches means consistent cash flow. That’s exactly what you need when you first start out. Taking the leap into entrepreneurship can mean less stability than a traditional job at first, and this inconsistency can continue if you’re inconsistent in your commitment to the process. However, the more you invest in launching quality products routinely, the sooner you’ll build recurring cash flow. Cash is king, and your business will thank you.

  • They Provide Crucial Feedback for Improvement 

Remember when we talked about putting yourself out there? No product or launch is perfect, so the more you do it, the more lessons you’ll learn. I’m a big believer in “failing fast and forward,” which is all about making mistakes sooner—so you can learn from them sooner. Plus, routinely launching products shows your future fans that you’re committed to the process. The more you move, the more they’ll notice.

  • You’ll Meet Joint Venture Partners and Affiliate Marketers

When you put yourself out there, people in your industry notice. Venture partners, affiliate marketers, and other entrepreneurs will notice you making moves and get interested. Before you know it, you’ll make some incredible connections that will be invaluable to your business’s growth. Best of all, connections like these create a lifetime of personal growth.

  • You Establish Credibility and Accountability

The more you expect from yourself, the more your audience does too. Committing yourself to consistent launches means investing in yourself and business, and your audience will notice. Instead of being the “weekend entrepreneur” who wants all the glamor without the hard work, your commitment will speak volumes.

  • Launching Something New is a Blast!

What's more important than money? Having fun, of course! Taking a product from idea to launch is such a rewarding and fun experience, and I firmly believe that you learn so much about yourself, your business, and the market from routine launches. There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing your launch succeed and remembering when you first came up with the idea.

Like I said before, committing to launching a product (let alone multiple) is scary… but it’s also super rewarding! Both Nick and I jumped over our fair share of hurdles, but the more we showed up, the more we reaped the reward. As long as you show up and remember these points, you'll be on your way to the life you’ve always wanted.

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Picture of Tom Gaddis

Tom Gaddis

Attended the School of Hard Knocks. A former restaurant manager in Oklahoma, Tom always wanted to be self-employed and free from the butt-smooching of the corporate world. He wanted success bad enough that he picked up his family, including two small children and moved to beautiful Maui, Hawaii. Starting from zero, Tom embarked on building a local marketing consulting business. And promptly fell on his face! It seems Hawaiians were lovely people, until you tried to sell them something! But he persevered and learned from his mistakes. Today he's arguably one of the most successful in his niche and expecting to grow over 100% this year alone.

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