How I Landed and Later Lost a $1,500 per Month Digital Marketing Client

This may be one of the most insightful videos you come across this year, I'm going to break down How I Got and Lost a $1,500 per Month Digital Marketing Client.

Truth be told, I didn't lose this client, I fired them. That said, I even share the actual sales call with you halfway through the video, so make sure that you don't miss that!

So in this video, I not only want to share with you the conversation of actually scoring a $1500/month client, but what happened that made me actually fire this client as well.

My goal here is to share enough insight so you can avoid this. If you are or are planning on fulfilling digital marketing services for clients, this video will help you avoid these types of situations which are basically inevitable.

I hope you get to see this video Before wasting your time with a prospect that is exhibiting some of the red flags I discuss in this video. My goal with this video is that it helps at least 1 person become aware of some of these red flags because then it will be worth it.

Let me know in the comments below how your last client relationship ended!

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