My Website Got Hacked – How I Fixed It & Got Paid $300

My website got hacked a couple of days ago, It was a total nightmare.

I was really lucky to have figured it out as fast as I did and was able to have things fixed within 48 hours, but not before my organic Google ranking totally tanked.

I literally saw my ranking go for #1 in search for terms like “Maui SEO” and “Hawaii SEO” to non existent.

But being the curious dude that I am, not only was I able to figure things out Uber quick, but I also discovered a $300 service I could offer my clients, I actually already got paid for my first $300 deal!

This information is super valuable, which is why in this video I'm going to share with you what I call my M.V.S.S (Minimum Viable Security System), that I use on all my websites. This is how I was able to figure things out so quickly and its actually the way that I got paid $300 as well.

SO you're going to want to watch this whole video, because I'm throwing this content out there into the universe hoping it will help save you tons of money but ALSO make you some in the process.

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