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Are you managing multiple AdWords accounts for clients? If not, maybe it’s time to take a look at adding another income stream.

A profitable service many digital marketers and search engine optimizers now provide for clients is PPC management. It’s so profitable because effective pay per click advertising is a skill many small business owners don’t have the time to learn or don’t want to learn.

I’m focusing on this one platform because AdWords is a service provided by Google, which helps you create and display their ads in Google’s search engine and the partner sites associated Google. You create ads based on keywords that you believe are being typed by your clients’ prospective customers when they do an online search. You can use location-specific targeting, platform-specific targeting, or both to reach to your client’s niche audience to drum up quality leads locally or globally.

Where PPC (pay per click) comes in is that within AdWords, you can choose PPC as one of the ways you will pay Google for running an ad and it is a predefined amount every time a user to clicks on your ad.

Managing Multiple AdWords Accounts for Clients

AdWords is the most popular platform when it comes to PPC advertising, but there are other companies that offer the same type of service like Microsoft, Yahoo, and Facebook, to name a few. The biggest draw to AdWords is it is owned by Google and feeds the most used search engine.

For big companies, it is common practice to utilize more than a few advertising services to have a wider online presence, but your local clients can thrive with expert PPC management on this one platform alone. So, we’re going to dive into managing multiple accounts on Google AdWords.

Managing Multiple AdWords Accounts HOME

Create Your Google Ads MANAGER Account

(If you’re already set up to manage client accounts, skip down to the “Using Account Maps” section).

A manager account is a separate Google Ads account you can create that lets you easily view and manage multiple Google Ads accounts for your clients — including other manager accounts if you have staff managing client accounts — from a single location.

To create a manager account:

Visit the Google Ads manager account homepage and click “Start now”.

Managing Multiple AdWords Accounts Set Up

  1. Enter the email address you want to use for this account. You can use the same email address for up to 20 Google Ads accounts (including manager accounts). Learn more about associating multiple accounts.
  2. Give your manager account a name. This is the name that your clients will see in their managed account.
  3. Choose how you plan to use the account, either as an account to manage your own multiple Google Ads accounts or to manage other people’s accounts.
  4. Select your country and time zone. This time zone will be used for your account reporting and billing and can’t be changed. You might want to choose the time zone you work in.
  5. Select a permanent currency for your account – you won’t be able to change this, but client’s using other currency will be converted automatically for reporting.
  6. Check the box to accept the rules of use and click Save and continue. IMPORTANT: If you are using an email address that is already associated with another Google Ads account, click “Click here” in the box ABOVE “Save and continue,” otherwise you will be redirected to your existing Ads account.


  1. If you’re logged in to a top-level manager account, you’ll be able to see the entire account hierarchy, but if you’ve drilled down to a sub-manager account, you’ll only be able to see accounts up the direct manager chain (with no sibling accounts displayed).
  2. You won’t be able to view the account hierarchy above the manager account you are logged in to, so if you are scoped down to a sub-manager account, the other branches of the hierarchy that may exist under the top-level manager account won’t be visible.

Using Account Maps When Managing Multiple AdWords Accounts

If you are managing multiple AdWords accounts (including client accounts and/or other sub-manager accounts), you can use the account map to visualize how these sub-accounts are structured. The account map provides you with a general overview of the account performance and set up for all the different sub-accounts under your manager account.

Using the account map, you can view account-level performance metrics, such as clicks, impressions, costs, and conversions, as well as different features used by your sub-accounts (for example, remarketing) in a single view and take away a lot of the clicking around you’d need to do to track the performance of your clients’ accounts.

Managing Multiple AdWords Accounts Account MapSOURCE: SearchEngingeLand.com

You can access the account map in one of two ways that will let you see the full hierarchy of your client accounts or a drill-down to client accounts.

If you use Option 1, you will automatically see the full hierarchy below your manager account, including all sub-manager and client accounts.

Option 1: Access the account map through the Tools & settings menu

  1. Log in to your Google Ads manager account.
  2. Click the tools icon.
  3. Click Account map.

If you use Option 2, you will see a drill-down view from your manager account to the sub-manager or client account, and you can expand the view by clicking the bubble to the left of the account hierarchy.

Option 2: Access the account map through the Accounts page

  1. Log in to your Google Ads manager account.
  2. From the page menu on the left, click Accounts.
  3. Click either Performance or Management.
  4. From the list of accounts below, click the tree icon next to any account.

More Tools to Help You Manage Multiple AdWords Accounts

Managing multiple AdWords accounts means you have more data to sift through to gain insight into the campaigns you’re running for individual clients. Google Ads offers a couple of free tools that can help managing multiple AdWords accounts for your clients easier, faster, and optimized.

Bulk Extension EditingExtensions are a no-cost way to expand your ad with additional information—increasing an ad's click-through-rate by several percentage points. Extension formats include call buttons, location information, links to specific parts of your website, additional text, and more.

Bulk UploadsUsing bulk uploads is an efficient way to make changes to the keywords, ads, ad groups, campaigns, and product groups (for Shopping campaigns) in your account. This feature saves time by allowing you to download spreadsheet templates, make changes offline, and then upload the spreadsheet back into your account where your new changes will be applied.

Managing Multiple AdWords Accounts Bulk Templates

Google Ads EditorUse Google Ads Editor to quickly download, update, or create campaigns with powerful bulk editing tools, while managing and viewing multiple accounts at the same time. You can also copy or move items between campaigns, search for items within your account, view your account statistics, and quickly undo or redo changes. Best of all, you can keep working even when you're offline. 

Ad CustomizersAd customizers adapt your text ads to what someone is searching for, which device she's using, where he’s located, or even the date, time of day, or day of the week.

They can insert a price, the time left before a sale ends, and any other text that you define. For example, a line of text that says, “Prices starting as low as ____!” could be filled in with the right sale price.

Ad Customizers give you:

  • Tailored messaging: Ads are hyper-specialized to each search or webpage being viewed.
  • Scalability: Customizers let a single text ad have hundreds of variations and show the most relevant variation to each potential customer.
  • Reporting: The automatic updates that happen when an ad is triggered don't reset the ad's performance data.

Upgraded URLs – An improved URL management process within Google Ads that lets you differentiate between your landing page and tracking parameters. With these improvements, you can create custom URL parameters and reduce account management workload, ad review time, and web crawling on landing pages.

Automated Bidding –   Automated bid strategies to help you with real-time bidding at scale and help optimize your bids for your performance goals — across specific campaigns, ad groups, and keywords — while giving you manual bidding control over your most important keywords.

Measuring Geographic Performance – Use geographic information to understand better how your ads are performing in different locations. See where your customers are physically located, or locations they’re interested in. If you use location extensions, use the distance report to see how your ads performed in varying distances from your business.


More Resources for Mastering Google AdWords

If you’re just starting to manage multiple accounts in Google Ads, or you’ve been doing it for a while but don’t know everything that’s going on with all these tools it’s a good idea to first nail down the basics and grow from there. Google has a ton of helpful information floating out there, so getting a firm foundation of how everything works is just a few clicks away:

Click here or the image below to visit Google Ads Best Practices.

Managing Multiple AdWords Accounts Best Practices

Download the mobile app to manage ads on the go: ANDROID | IOS

If you’ve got questions, you can visit the Google Ads Help Center or give them a call Mon-Fri during business hours at 1-866-246-6453.

Watch a set of six 2-3 minute video tutorials for beginners from Google on Getting Started with Google Ads.

Local AdWords Income Sales Essentials level up and land AdWords clients 5X faster with done-for-you professional AdWords sales and promotion materials, a custom AdWords spend tool and PPC spreadsheet, plus a Client Intake Form.

Here is a step by step click-through guide on Creating Effective Ad Campaigns from the AdWords help center.

And here is Google’s quick start click-through guide on Calculating Your Return on Investment once you’ve set up conversion tracking.


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