You don’t want to run a full-time business. 

But you know you can take a piece of the digital marketing pie, in order to supplement your income. Making money online isn’t just for full-timers and young whippersnappers. 

With the right knowledge and skills, you can easily pick up some extra cash by becoming a digital marketing consultant.

Our Vision For You:

We want to help you supplement your income, without creating demands on your schedule. Perhaps in the past, you couldn’t “moonlight” as a marketing consultant… but now, with the right tools at your disposal, you can do it.

You have to make the absolute best use of limited time. Whether it’s in the evening after the kids are asleep, early before anyone else is up, or something in between – every second counts.

Once you grow your skills and develop a reputation, you will have people coming to you, fighting for the few open spots on your schedule.

Why Offline Sharks:

In order to moonlight successfully, it requires a specific set of skills, usually acquired over a long career. We have those skills, and are ready to teach you.

We’re no strangers to splitting our time between roles. Both of us have multiple businesses and responsibilities to juggle throughout the week, and we’ve learned how to make the most out of it.

Our experience in marketing, combined with our growing vault of educational material, creates a one-stop-shop for you to learn everything you need to launch and maximize your part-time gig.

What We’ll Teach:

Whether you’re completely new to digital marketing, or looking to brush up, we’ll help refine your abilities.

We can teach you the latest and best in SEO, digital ad campaigns, social media marketing (SMM), and how to tap into your local market.

You’ll learn effective ways to gain your first client, or create a new line of products or services.

We also have a host of automations and timesavers, to ensure that when you sit down to work, you only do what’s most important. 

Finally, we’ll show you how to scale your systems, so that getting to the next level doesn’t require changing everything you do.


1. How to Get Your First Client as a New Shark

This FREE article shares Nick’s story of gaining his first client. He entered the digital marketing space with zero prior experience. He didn’t even know what SEO or WordPress were! Yet he found a way to help his friend build a website and even got paid to do it. Read up, and learn how to make the same thing happen in your business!

2. The Offline Sharks Facebook Group

This group functions as the premier place to share leads, tips, and honest feedback on our projects. With over 9,600 members and counting, you can make a post and get a response no matter what time of day it is. It helps to have a community of like-minded people doing similar work. Enjoy the benefits of a ready-made network of digital marketers by signing up today!

3. Scaling Your Digital Marketing Agency

This freebie outlines the best ways to get your business to the next level. Even if you don’t want to run a full-scale agency, these principles hold true in solopreneurship. Take note of the section on automation and processes. We link to several free resources to get more done, faster.

4. Shark Alliance

Finally, consider our flagship training for marketers. We believe this is the best local marketing training in existence. Yes, LOCAL marketing. The best way to scale your online marketing business is to start with the “offline” businesses in your backyard.

We offer a FREE Starter Membership, a Plus Membership, and an Elite Membership, with each tier adding exponentially more value for you.

With the free Starter, you get:

  • A 4-module course to set the foundations for your profit-first business.
  • Our best In-The-Trenches training, providing battle-tested tactics.
  • 4 of our best behind-the-scenes coaching call videos.

When you upgrade to Plus, you also get:

  • Our Path To Six Figures training, giving you everything you need to start grossing hundreds of thousands every year.
  • Laser-focused Client Getting Tools, including real-life case studies to show you how to gain and retain.
  • Tactical Coaching Calls to attend live or watch when you want.
  • Access to our Select Facebook Group comprised of our top performers.
  • A $197 Local SEO course for FREE, thrown in as your signing bonus.

Finally, when you go Elite, you get all of that and:

    • Live Coaching Calls every single week.
    • Access to our entire media library, with hundreds of hours of training on every topic.
    • Complete access to our course & software vault, including dozens of resources priced at $97 to $197 each.
    • Ready-made, professionally-designed templates for prospecting, proposals, contracts and more to get you up-and-running as fast as possible.
    • Exclusive Guest Trainings from outside experts.
    • And if that’s not enough, early and complimentary access to our future products.

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