What’s The Secret? Ordinary to Extraordinary with Former Navy SEAL Brad McLeod

Becoming a Navy SEAL is reserved only for bodybuilders and Olympic athletes, right? Just like the myth of who can build a business, the answer to this is a resounding “No.” On this episode of “What’s the Secret?”, Tom sits down with former Navy SEAL, Brad McLeod, to discuss Brad’s journey from ordinary guy to extraordinary Navy SEAL. Brad covers how any journey begins with tiny steps, how a disadvantage can become your trump card, and how this unshakeable philosophy can transform small steps into giant leaps.

“You just gotta hang in there longer and tougher than anyone else, keep a smile on your face, and never ever quit.”

– Brad McLeod

In This Episode:

  • Brad’s philosophy for defining the odds
  • How starting from behind could be your ultimate advantage
  • What the 1% Rule is
  • Brad’s core principles of discipline for folks young and old alike
  • How to be Unshakeable

Check out Tom’s post about his SEAL fitness journey!

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