What’s The Secret? Webinar Secrets with Joel Erway

How does a sales rep for a commercial HVAC manufacturer create an eight-figure business? Identify the trends, but don’t follow them. In this new episode, Tom interviews Joel Erway, otherwise known as the creator of the Mini Webinar. After stressing over his next leads at his 9-5 and how to feed his family, Joel vowed to never listen to “gurus” again, presented webinars in a new way, and now generates 8-figures. The secret? Flip the script and keep things simple.

Overeducating will drive you nuts and cause a lot of stress in your marketplace.”

– Joel Erway

In This Episode:

  • Why seeing this ONE chart was the “lightbulb” moment for Joel that booked him $50,000 and dropped his cost-per-application by 90% overnight
  • If you’re concerned about people only wanting free stuff out of you, make THIS small change to get more people to raise their hands and convert faster
  • To get a cold listener to trust you, answer these two questions before they’re even asked
  • What people value MUCH more than their money and why knowing this is crucial for building trust and converting more

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