White Label PPC or Contract PPC Outsourcing – Which is Better?

White Label PPC or Contract PPC Outsourcing

With options such as white label PPC or contract PPC management services available, why aren’t you outsourcing PPC campaign management for clients already?

You don’t need to know anything about pay-per-click advertising to offer it to clients and increase your revenue. Outsourcing gives you the power to offer a myriad of services as a digital marketing agency even if you don’t yourself have the tools or experience.

But which outsourcing option works better for your business? White label PPC or contract PPC management you farm out to freelancers and agencies.

Why PPC Management is in High Demand

Paid search advertising, also known as PPC advertising, is an extremely popular product to add to your list of services because it gets your clients’ ads in front of highly targeted audiences using SEO strategies. It’s an attractive and cost-effective marketing tactic because PPC advertising allows you to only pay for the ads that work.

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While it is a popular marketing channel, managing PPC campaigns can get complicated and overwhelming without the proper background and consistent effort to stay current on best practices. PPC platforms such as Amazon PPC and Google AdWords continue to evolve as they introduce more tools, better tracking, and new ways to promote products and services, and your clients will expect you to be an expert on all things PPC.

Do you lack the expertise to manage PPC campaigns and reporting?

Don’t have time to spend running campaigns for multiple PPC clients?

Don’t have the in-house staff to scale with a new service?

With limited resources and bandwidth to spend on the fulfillment of new services, it makes sense to find a provider that gets the job done. Why not outsource your PPC services to experts who can get the results your clients will pay good money for?

White Label PPC vs. Contract PPC Outsourcing

When deciding between outsourcing with white label PPC services or contracting out to a freelancer or agency, you need to look at what type of relationship you want with the actual PPC fulfillment process, how much time and money you want to invest upfront, and how you want to present your PPC management services to your clients.

White Label PPC Promotes Your Brand

White labeling is the process of buying a product or service from a third-party, applying your brand to it, and selling it as if it were your own. As a digital marketing agency, you would combine PPC management you don’t do or would prefer not to do with your current list of services. White labeling allows you to list fully managed PPC campaigns in a cost-effective, hands-off way that promotes positive ROI for both you and your clients.

With white labeling, you partner with a company of PPC experts and make their resources your resources. This puts PPC experts under your brand’s umbrella without the hassle and cost of hiring, training, and retaining in-house staff, remote workers, or freelancers. From day one, you can resell a new PPC management service at your own price and spend more time on running and growing your business.

The white label PPC management option allows you to have experts committed to handling your clients’ campaigns in a way that ensures optimal results while reducing overhead costs. It’s easy to set up these done-for-you for your clients, and there’s no extra work required for you to offer an additional high-demand digital marketing service to clients.




Contracting PPC to Freelancers or Agencies

Finding a reliable specialist to outsource your clients’ PPC management to is an effective and fast way to provide additional services without doing the work of actually fulfilling the service. There are tons of freelancers and agencies specializing in PPC management who have the tools and experience to execute profitable campaigns for your clients seamlessly.

PPC specialists can provide services such as:

  • Account and Campaign Set Up
  • Competitive Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Creation and Testing
  • Campaign Performance Monitoring
  • Metrics Analysis and Reporting
  • Budgeting and Bid Adjustments
  • Monitoring Negative and Underperforming Keywords

The main advantage of working with a freelancer or contracting your PPC management out to a person or agency is knowing exactly who you are working with and having more control over how campaigns are handled. While white-label services provide a hands-free, done-for-you product, you’re trusting that the way they do things is the most effective for the return on investment you and your clients expect.

If you have experience with PPC advertising and would like to have input on how campaigns are being run for your clients then contracting a freelancer or small specialty PPC agency is a better fit for you.

Having more control can be great, but that also means you must dedicate more of your own resources to providing the service. Your oversight of campaigns and people take time. Plus, you will need to have already found reliable service providers you can trust to provide consistent, high-quality results and reporting both you and the client can understand.

You’ll also need to manage the workflow of your outsourced team and ensure that client services are not interrupted when your freelancer is unable to fulfill your clients’ projects for whatever reason.


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White Label PPC or Contracting Freelance PPC Specialists – Either Way Outsourcing is Fast Path to More Money

You can’t be an expert in every field, especially when you first start your agency. With clear limits on money and human resources, the digital marketing services you can provide clients can be restricted to just one or two when it’s a solo operation. Outsourcing with white label services or contracting with freelance PPC specialists lets you function as a well-rounded agency, ready to upsell more services and provide comprehensive marketing packages to clients without doing all the work yourself.


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