How I Earn a Living (Revealed)

Back when I was an auto-mechanic working for “the man”… it was REAL simple when someone asked me what I did for a living.

I would just say “mechanic”… or “I work on cars” and that’d be that.

But now that my business is fully online, I get a lot of “Huh, so what is it that you actually do again?”

And even worse is when I tell them and they say:

“Must be great sitting around at home in your underwear all day.”

Ha! to anyone who thinks that.

The truth is, it’s actually VITAL for you to have a quick, concise response to people like this.

Not only because it can be discouraging to always feel like an outsider (like your friends and family don’t even understand what you do)… but also because this is a great way to get work.

I can’t tell you how many times a random connection turned into a referral.

And the more people you tell what you do (and you tell them in a concise way that’s easy to understand and remember)… the higher your chances of getting a referral are.

Because of this, I’ve really streamlined my “elevator pitch” (what I tell people when they ask).

And I reveal this elevator pitch in my brand new video…

Just to be clear, you have my permission to take my elevator pitch… adapt it for your needs… or straight up steal it and claim it as your own if you wish.


Because I want you to have every tool you need to go out and land clients.

Even if that means starting by chatting up people in your neighborhood.

So to get all that and more, head here:

Watch the video to discover exactly what to say when someone asks you what you do for a living… so you maximize your chance of landing a client, getting a referral, and getting your good reputation passed around town.

Nick Ponte

Nick Ponte

Born and raised on Maui, Nick was employed as an automobile mechanic before founding his own local marketing agency. Nick naturally wrestled with the change from tradesman to marketer (not an easy transition) but, like Tom, he wouldn't give up. Through years of commitment, Nick has grown to be a highly skilled web developer and marketing expert with a specialized skill-sets in a variety of fields. He has developed many high-traffic, high-quality websites that incorporate the best practices for today's digital marketing. Today, Nick eagerly shares his experience and knowledge by helping others in cultivating their business.

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