Want To Build A Thriving Digital Agency? Start Here…

You own a digital marketing agency, or you want to start one. 

You’ve seen dozens of ads by people promising to show you how to make money online, but none of them seem to have much substance behind them. 

You don’t have time for a cult of personality; you want proven information that leads to results. 

You’ve come to the right place.

Our Vision For You

We want you to build your agency from the ground up, from absolutely nothing, to six figures and up. And we’ll show you how.

We know the challenges and pitfalls of building a digital marketing agency, because we’ve done it ourselves. In fact, we’ve done it for thousands of agencies just like yours. While 80% of startups fail, most of them in their first year, we want to see you swim upstream.

Digital marketing is not a “laptop lifestyle” where money practically makes itself. It requires consistent, non-glamorous work in order to yield a return.

Our goal is to maintain a community of like-minded agency owners, learning and growing together. We’ve prepared a treasure trove of resources on every topic you need to know, in order to succeed.

Why Offline Sharks?

We know a thing or two. We’ve been around the block. Besides developing courses with over 50,000 students, we each run successful agencies of our own. 

Instead of talking about digital marketing, we’re out there every day doing the things we teach.

We offer in-the-trenches experience. When we say something works, we know it works … because it works for us! We’ve also made every mistake in the book, and we’ll tell you how to avoid them.

What We’ll Teach You:

We teach you how digital marketing works at every stage of your business.

We have resources that teach the basics of digital marketing – from SEO to PPC, from Reputation Management to Social Media Marketing (SMM). We’ll show you how to get your very first client, and make the most of the early days when you’re flying solo.

As your business scales, we’ll show you how to delegate and outsource, so you can focus on key activities. Then, we’ll show you how to manage your team as you grow. The goal is to develop scalable systems that can hold up under the weight of your growing empire.

Once your business is established, we’ll even show you how to create educational content and resources of your own, establishing your credibility and unlocking new streams of revenue.

You need a clear pathway to six figures, one that doesn’t mince words or shy away from asking you to do hard things. Look no further; it’s right in front of you, on this screen.


Here’s a list of resources for you, ranging from bite-sized to five-course meal. Use them as a starting point to explore our material.

1. Scaling Your Digital Marketing Agency

This free article outlines a roadmap to scale your digital marketing agency. After you read it, you’ll know how to steer your agency to the next level. You will learn about client acquisition and retention, automation, and hiring. We also provide links to several free tools for the journey.

2. The Offline Sharks Facebook Group

Join a community of 9,600 and counting like-minded marketers. The group exists to help one another toward our goals. We do it by being friendly, kind, and honest with each other. Get your questions answered, ask for feedback on projects, and network with thousands of fellow marketers. You never know who might introduce you to a new client, or give you their secret recipe to get the results you crave.

3. How to Write Digital Marketing Proposals

As you start pitching your services to prospective clients, you need a tried-and-true template that makes them excited to start working with you. This free download gives you a professional-looking proposal, that you can plug-and-play with, or use as an inspiration for your own.

4. Shark Alliance

Finally, here is our flagship training for agencies. We believe that this is the best local marketing training in existence. Yes, LOCAL marketing. The best way to scale your digital marketing agency is actually to start with the “offline” businesses in your backyard.

We offer a FREE Starter Membership, a Plus Membership, and an Elite Membership, with each tier adding exponentially more value for you.

With the free Starter, you get:

  • A 4-module course to lay the foundation for your profit-first business.
  • Our best In-The-Trenches training, providing battle-tested tactics.
  • 4 of our best behind-the-scenes coaching call videos.

When you upgrade to Plus, you also get:

  • Our Path To Six Figures, giving you everything you need to start grossing hundreds of thousands annually.
  • Laser-focused Client Getting Tools, including real-life case studies that show you how to gain and retain.
  • Tactical Coaching Calls to attend live, or watch when you want.
  • Access to our Select Facebook Group, comprised of our top performers.
  • A $197 Local SEO course for FREE, thrown in as your signing bonus.

Finally, when you go Elite, you get all of that and:

    • Live Coaching Calls every week.
    • Access to our entire media library, with hundreds of hours of training on every topic.
    • Complete access to our course & software vault, including dozens of resources priced at $97 to $197 each.
    • Ready-made, professionally-designed templates for prospecting, proposals, contracts and more to get you up-and-running as fast as possible.
    • Exclusive Guest Trainings from outside experts.
    • And if that’s not enough, early and complimentary access to our future products.

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